Best Vacuums under $150 – Buying Guide

Best Vacuums under $150

Upright vacuums tend to be cheaper than their canister counterparts. Most best vacuums under 150 will, therefore, be upright models. Here is a step by step guide to the best vacuums under $150

Pet hair

The upright vacuum should be able to easily pick up pet hair. It should do a thorough job too. It should pick up pet hair from both carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces, upholstery, and any other surface.

Carpet-pile height adjustment

An ideal vacuum under $150 needs to have a carpet-file adjustment. This ensures deep-cleaning on carpeted surfaces. Vacuums under $150 tend to have a manual pile-height adjustment, unlike their more expensive counterparts where it is automatic. You have to bend to adjust pile height.


The best vacuums under $150 should have adjustable suction, especially when cleaning drapes and curtains. This saves on power. The suction should be strong to ensure efficient cleaning.


Vacuums under $150 should be lightweight. This makes it easier to maneuver them.

Brush on/off switch

The brush on/off switch comes in handy when cleaning carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces. Switch it on to clean carpeted surfaces, and switch it off to clean non-carpeted surfaces to avoid damaging them.

Bagless or bagged?

Vacuums under $150 can either be bagless or bagged. It is easier to empty a bagged vacuum though you will incur more costs as you will need to keep buying bags. Bagless vacuums come with usually clear bins that you empty when full. Sometimes emptying them can be quite messy. Bagless vacs could release dust into the air if you are not careful when emptying them. This will affect you if you are allergic to dust or pollen. While you do save on the costs of bags, you will have more filters to wash or keep replacing.

Try your vac first

Do not buy a vac without trying it out. Even if you opt to buy online, visit a local store. Ask for the best vacuums under $150 and check the controls and features.


It may be wiser to buy vacuums during the holiday season. You may find vacs that are usually $200 or more going for less than $150. Black Friday is undoubtedly the best day to buy vacuums. Need I say more? Signing up for a manufacturer’s or retailer’s email list is also a good way to receive coupons. You will also receive notifications for upcoming promotions and sales.


Most vacuums under $150 will come with accessories like a narrow tool for crevices, a round brush for dusting, and an upholstery brush. These tools should do an impeccable vacuuming job. Check whether your vacuum under $150 has these accessories. This way, you will not incur more costs by buying more cleaning tools. The vac should be self-sufficient, per se. Sometimes the vac can come with combination tools. Some may even have stretch hoses to increase their reach or widen the cleaning width.

Extendable hose

Best Vacuums under $150 need to be lightweight. An extendable hose is a great addition as you will not need to keep carrying the vac around, especially when cleaning stairs.

Handheld and cordless vacuums under $150

Vacuums under $150 can also be handheld or cordless. They best ones use lithium ion batteries to ensure long battery life.

All in All

The above guide to the best vacuums under $150 outlines the factors to put into consideration when buying these affordable vacuums. Ensure that you visit your local store to try out the vac before buying it. Going for discounts is also a smart way to get more expensive and better vacs for just $150 or less.

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