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Need a new vacuum cleaner, but only have a $100 budget, no problem!… There are a number of companies that manufacture quality vacuum cleaners that cost less than 100 dollars. There are some things you should look out for when researching the best vacuum under 100 dollars, so that you don’t end up wasting your money. You are mistaken, if you think the only way to get HEPA filters, powerful suction and a large collection of attachments is to spend $500 or more on a top of the range vacuum cleaner from Dyson! A good quality, efficient at cleaning, easy to use and maintain vacuum cleaner can be found for a lot. Lot less than $500.

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Take a look at the following list of features to see which ones you are looking for in a new vacuum – make your own list of essential features to help you determine whether a particular model is for you. Put a star next to the features you will not compromise on; for example, if you have allergies in the home, you absolutely must get a vacuum with a HEPA filter. With this list of must-have features you can begin to sort through all the available models and narrow down your wish list to those within your budget that will meet your needs.

Bagged or Bagless
Bagless vacuums do not require replacement disposable bags so there are no ongoing costs once the vacuum has been purchased. A problem could arise if the company discontinues the bagged model you purchased and the bags become harder to find. Eventually, you will end up having to buy a new vacuum or stockpile bags. Some vacuums actually have a bag that is washable but may need replacement eventually. Either way make sure the vacuum is easy to empty – usually canister vacuums have a button or lever to press to open from the base. You don’t want to have to take the vacuum to pieces just to empty the dust into the trash.

Cyclonic technology is widely used in many vacuum cleaners now as new patents are released with slightly different designs. All have the same feature though to provide the most powerful, continuous suction possible. There are different types of vacuums on the market and the most powerful doesn’t have to mean the most expensive.

Cord or Cordless
Generally, vacuums with cords are cheaper than cordless models. The technology to make a battery powered vacuum as powerful as a corded one is more expensive. Models with longer cords are also more expensive so as long as you have multiple sockets in your home you will likely be able to buy a more powerful machine if you choose a 20 foot cord over a 30 foot cord.

Do you really need 3 crevice tools of different lengths and widths, a dusting brush, a flexible hose, an extendable wand, a keyboard brush, a blind cleaning brush, an upholstery brush, a small head, a large head and a fancy turbo-powered pet hair brush? Is it absolutely necessary to have a vacuum cleaner that has an adjustable head for 5 different carpet depths and transfers effortlessly to hard floors? For most household jobs all you need is a standard head and a basic crevice tool. All the other attachments would be nice to have but will add dollars to the price of the vacuum. So if you are determined to find the best vacuum under 100 dollars you may have to give the soft dusting brush attachment a miss.

2 in 1
A model that has a removable hand-held attachment can be useful to have around the home if you can only afford one vacuum. A multi-function upright vacuum will allow you to clean large floor areas. Use the handheld attachment for stairs, furniture or quick clean up jobs. An upright with a flexible and extendable hose that you can fit attachments too could be as useful as a 2 in 1 vacuum and cheaper.

The weight of a vacuum seems to bear no relationship to its cost. If you choose handheld go for lightweight as it is easier to carry around. Heavier vacuums may not be as easy to move around furniture. Lighter materials may not be as durable. For a material to be lightweight and strong would probably increase the cost.

If allergies to pollen, pet dander or dustmites are an issue then do not compromise on a HEPA filter. Yes, you can find vacuums under $100 with HEPA filters. Cheaper vacuums do tend to have standard filters though so check the manufacturers description carefully. All filters require maintenance, usually regular washing is enough, whilst others may need complete replacement. Check reviews and owner manuals for schedules of maintenance.

Pet Hair
Many vacuums are marketed as the best for pet hair. As long as you choose a vacuum with great suction you should have no problem dealing with pet hair with a standard head. You can pay a lot more for specialized heads with rubber attachments for scraping pet hair off furniture or stiff nylon bristles on motorized rollers.



The latest edition or newest model will always be the most expensive. To get a bargain buy an older model just as a new one is released as sellers will need to clear stock to make way for the new vacuums! New models aren’t always that much different to the previous one – maybe just a few tweaks to the design or a slightly different shaped filter. Buying a high quality vacuum on clearance can be a good way to save $100’s and get the best vacuum under 100 dollars.

Check availability of colours in models as for some reason the least popular colour may actually be cheaper. A seller will have more stock of that colour and need to clear it. So if you don’t have a preference for yellow over red you may be able to pick up a $150 vacuum for under $100 if you choose blue for example.

The best way to find the best vacuum under 100 dollars is to read ‘real’ customer reviews. Actually check out the Amazon reviews for verified purchases. The most popular vacuums can have 1000’s of reviews to read through. Sort them by most recent as old reviews may refer to issues with the vacuum when it was new that have since been rectified by the manufacturer. Don’t just read the 4 and 5 star reviews. See what issues the customers had who gave the lower ratings. It may be something that doesn’t bother you.

Bissell, Eureka, Black and Decker, Dirt Devil, Shark and Hoover all manufacture entry level vacuum cleaners that cost less than $100. They also make vacuums that cost more than $100. Looking for a higher priced model when on special can be a great way to get more of those features on your wishlist and get the best vacuum under 100 dollars in the end!..

Editors Choice: Best Vacuum Under $100


Finding a quality, durable and a functional vacuum cleaner that is affordable is usually a difficult task that requires you to read thousands of reviews and spend a lot of your time researching online. Unfortunately, even after all those efforts, you could still end up with a vacuum cleaner that does not your cleaning needs. To ease your buying worries, we have reviewed six of the best vacuum cleaner under 100 dollars that offer exceptional value and with great features and attributes.


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind

Best Vacuum Under $100 Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind

With five position height adjustment, this UH70120 WindTunnel T-Series by Hoover will provide you with functional options to help ease your home or office cleaning. The WindTunnel cleaner also features 13-1/2-inch wide nozzle, 27-foot retractable power cord, permanent HEPA filter and a rinse-clean filter making it one of the best vacuum under 100 dollars with premium features. Other highly functional features that come with this UH70120 Hoover vacuum cleaner include an extension wand, a powered hand tool, a crevice tool and upholstery /dusting brush.


The Hoover vacuum cleaner is lightweight for easy pushing as you clean while the WindTunnel technology provides you with consistent suction. With this cleaner, you will not have to worry about the noise as it is incredibly quit despite its remarkable power. Furthermore, despite coming with a hand tool, you will not have to use the tool on every single wall as it gets into the corners and crevices really well.

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BISSELL CleanView with Triple Action Brush


BISSELL CleanView with Triple Action Brush Designed with two bristle types Triple Action Brush Roll, this BISSELL 1332 upright vacuum cleaner offers you with high-performance cleaning. With a washable foam tank filter, large capacity easy-to-empty dirt tank and a TurboBrush tool, this vacuum cleaner offers you with smart, simple and intuitive cleaning. The triple action brush roll helps to make your cleaning effortless by loosening, lifting and removing embedded dirt and hair from various surfaces. The vacuum cleaner also comes with multi-level filtration that helps to reduce allergens and an automatic cord rewind feature that lets you store the cord with a button push.


Furthermore, with a bottom easy empty dirt tank that makes it easy to clean the vacuum out and multiple tools that help maximize your cleaning, the 1332 BISSELL CleanView upright cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner under 100 for cleaning multiple services. This vacuum is a perfect cleaner for furniture, stairs and upholstery among others. Other tools designed to make your cleaning fun include a 6-feet stretch horse, crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand and a 25-feet power cord.


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Bissell Zing Vacuum

Bissell Zing VacuumThe 1665 Bissell Zing bagless vacuum cleaner is one of the most affordable vacuum cleaners in this list of the best vacuum cleaner under 100, but worth being on this list. With bagless convenience, this 1665 Bissell cleaner provides you with cyclonic action and powerful suction for thorough cleaning without the ever needing to buy or change bags. The vacuum cleaner also supports multi-surface cleaning that lets you easily go from cleaning your hard floors to carpets with a flip of a switch. The Zing bagless cleaner also offers three-stage filtration including post-motor filter and dirt cup filters that capture more particles and fine dust for a cleaner surface. Furthermore, the filters are washable and re-usable reducing the maintenance costs.


This Bissell vacuum cleaner also features a lightweight, compact design that makes traveling upstairs easy while the handle makes the cleaner easy to carry around. The cleaner is also fitted with a variable suction control that lets you turn the suction down making it perfect for cleaning other fabrics such as curtains. You can also connect the extension wand or the crevice tool /dusting brush to capture dust and dirt from your floor surfaces.

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Shark Bagless Freestyle Cordless Cleaner

Shark Bagless Freestyle Cordless Cleaner

With cordless convenience and swivel steering, this SV1106 shark freestyle cordless stick cleaner offers you easy maneuverability to clean wherever there is a mess. The Shark navigator stick vacuum also comes with two functional speeds settings that are optimized for thorough carpet and bare floor cleaning. This cleaner is perfect if you are looking for a convenient vacuum cleaner that offers powerful pet hair pick-up with an extra large dust cup that is easy to empty.


Furthermore, with a powerful motorized brush that easily lifts ground-in dirt and embedded pet hair, this Shark Bagless Navigator cleaner is built for performance and convenience. Featuring a lightweight and easy to empty dust cup, ultra maneuverability, extended run time and strong suction power, the Bagless Navigator Freestyle by SharkNinja is not only designed to provide you with convenience but also superior cleaning on carpets and bare floors.

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BISSELL PowerEdge hard Floor Vacuum

BISSELL PowerEdge hard Floor VacuumIf you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner under 100 that captures debris in tight spaces and along edges without any need for a broom or attachments, you should consider the affordable 81L2A PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor vacuum cleaner. This Pet Hard Floor Corded vacuum cleaner by Bissell has a V shape that captures the small, fine debris with the ends while directing the larger debris into the center suction path. The cleaner also features a swivel head that lets you clean around your furniture legs easily and an easy-to-empty dirt cup for quick cleaning out.


In addition to the functional V shape, the cleaner wipers are made of rubber material that attracts hair for more pet hair collection. The vacuum cleaner also comes with additional features that include cyclonic technology, bagless, and swivel head as well as being quick and easy to assemble. However, unlike other cleaners in this list, this cleaner is designed for hard floor.

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VonHaus Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum Under 100

This Corded vacuum cleaner with HEPA and Sponge Filtration by Vonhaus is one of the best vacuum under 100 that offers both HEPA and Sponge Filtration as well as a free crevice tool. The vacuum features a 60oW stick vacuum cleaner that offers 130 air watts of suction power for though and easy cleaning across various floor surfaces. With an 18ft power cord, shoulder strap, hose adaptor and a small brush attachment, this VonHaus 2-in-1 upright and handed cleaner is perfect for rugs, carpets, furniture, hardwood floors, stairs and furniture.


The HEPA filtration system allows the cleaner to lock in small particles to prevent them from re-circulating back into your home preventing bacteria and allergies. This VonHaus vacuum also comes with a 1.2liter dust capacity that makes sure that you are emptying the tank less frequently unlike other affordable vacuum cleaners. The lightweight and compact design makes cleaning hard floors as well as carpets and rugs easy and enjoyable.

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Final words

When buying the best vacuum cleaner under 100 dollars, it is important to consider the essential features that you really need for your home or office cleaning. For example, you should decide whether you want a pure handheld, an upright or a hybrid that offers the convenience of both handheld and upright.

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