Best Vacuum for Pet Hair – What to Consider When Buying

Keeping your home free from pet hair can be a challenge. Long hair, short or curly haired cats and dogs (Vacuum for Dog Hair) all shed their best vacuum for pet hairfur/hair. Even long-haired guinea-pigs shed hair! If you allow pets on to your furniture, couches, dining chairs and the beds then you will have additional areas to clean. You will also want to give their bedding a vacuum from time to time. If your pet travels in your car (Car Vacuum Cleaner)then you will have floors, seats and a trunk to remove hair, dirt and debris from too. The size of your problem will depend on the number and type of animals you have; how much they shed and your flooring and upholstery choices. To find the best vacuum for pet hair you cannot test them all in your home. I can save you a lot of time and provide the best advice on the features that are essential and those that are merely desirable.


There are numerous models that are purely pet mobile vacuums, a handheld with rubber nozzle that just grabs pet hair off furniture for example. The batteries don’t always last long so although they are good for quick clean-ups or in the car they would be no use for doing the whole apartment or house! You can get vacuum models with turbo pet tools’ which sound like they should do the job and power that hair up and into the waste container. There are different attachments for allowing stairs to be easily vacuumed. Extendable hoses with attachments on the end including crevice tools are great for sucking those hairs up that collect in the corners of the stair risers. A vacuum that easily takes care of vertical areas could be very useful for stairs and the backs of upholstered furniture.

Brush rollers

Pet hair will get stuck in your carpet fibres that much is guaranteed, whatever pile of carpet you have. You will need to consider a vacuum that has well designed and engineered brushes for getting those hairs out of the carpet fibres every time! A powered brush roller will be more effective than ones that rotate with friction alone (contact with the surface). Cordless vacuums do not usually have enough power to turn motorized rollers for more than a few minutes. Check out the images as different designs have brushes in lines, a spiral pattern or just in rows. It is important to read customer reviews to see how effective the rollers or brush design is. Do they get clogged up with long hairs? How easy is it to remove the parts for cleaning and untangling if needed?


A HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrestance) filter is essential when you have pets and/or allergies. A HEPA filter allows for the removal of 99.9% of allergens; including dust-mites, pet dander and pollen down to 0.3 microns. Filters will often need care and maintenance to keep them performing optimally and not causing any loss of suction of your vacuum. Check whether filters are washable or whether they need to be replaced. If you have to buy a new filter every 3 months that cost is going to add up. Washable filters may need 24 hours to dry, so having a spare handy is a good idea if you regularly vacuum more frequently than once a day. A carbon filter although not needed for pet hair removal is great to have to assist with eliminating odours in your carpet, which can be exacerbated by pet ownership.

Hair Removal

This is probably the most important feature. The vacuum may have great suction and filtration but how good is it at actually picking up the hair from the carpet, hard floor or furniture. Reading customer reviews is highly recommended to see if manufacturers claims live up to the advertising. Read the one and two star reviews, not just the 5 star reviews for an honest picture and to highlight any issues.


Powerful suction is needed to get the hairs off the brushes and in to the vacuum. Corded are generally more powerful than battery powered vacuums and don’t lose their charge. If the vacuum you choose is too powerful it will make vacuuming area rugs more difficult as they will lift off the floor. It is handy if you are able to adjust the suction to be less powerful in these instances. Cyclonic, bagless models are arguably the most powerful, especially if they are a corded version. Battery models tend not to have the suction capability of powered models. Blocked filters can reduce suction in models. Check out some customer reviews to see how the suction rates.

Flooring Types

You need to assess what type of floors you have. If you have only carpet or hard floors then it will be easier for you to choose a new vacuum. If you have a combination of hard floors and carpeted floors then you will need a multi-floor vacuum that does well on both. If you only have hard floors then you would be wise to consider a vacuum specifically designed for vacuuming tiles and other hard surfaces. Some vacuums designed for carpet have harsh brush rollers and if you can’t turn these off they can damage hard floors. So look for models where the rollers can be disabled giving you greater flexibility with choice of surfaces to vacuum at one time.

Vacuum Type

If you just need to clean a small area or maybe the upholstery in your home or car of pet hair, then maybe a hand-held, portable; even battery powered could be suitable for the job. However, if you have multiple floors of carpet, carpeted stairs and upholstered couches that the cat loves to sleep on then you will need something more substantial. A vacuum that washes can be super handy to have around as not only do pets tend to leave their hair everywhere, they sometimes leave accidents and other messes to clean up especially if they are still young and in training! Bagged or bagless; is another choice to make between models. Bagless are usually a cup or canister that requires emptying. Check dimensions of this waste capacity to see how frequently you may need to empty. Some small, hand held models may need emptying mid-clean which can get quite frustrating.

Price Range

You can pay anything from $50 for a little hand-held, battery powered pet vacuum with rubberized attachment for quick clean ups before guests visit to a $500 Dyson that will vacuum your carpets for a really deep down clean.

There are many models of vacuums available that will all claim to be the best the best vacuum for pet hair. Unless you can take them all home and try them out on your home; which is extremely unlikely, then you are going to have to do a little research. Check out the features above considered essential like HEPA filtration, pet hair removal and suction and look for models with those key features. Sort your findings by price and then work through the reviews to see what happy or not so satisfied customers have to say. Then when you have decided on your favourite model check for the best price you can get that comes in under budget. A special offer or percentage discount may allow you to get a higher specification model and stay within budget.

Editors Choice: Best Vacuum For Pet Hair


If you have pets, then you will need the best vac for pet hair to keep your home clean and free from hair, dust and dander. I have been researching and I know you will love the features presented in the following 10 vacuums. If you stick with me until the end I will tell you which one is my favorite and why.

Not all vacuums are the best vac for pet hair. A vacuum needs to have great suction and brushes to be able to pull those pet hairs out of carpets, off stairs and furniture without damaging hard floors. Compare the features of the following 10 vacuums to see which one is the best vacuum for pet hair for you.


1. Hoover T-Series Wind-Tunnel (UH70210)

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind

A bagless upright vacuum with a handle that folds down so the unit can fit into smaller storage areas. Heavier than a lot of other vacuums at 17.8lb, maybe it is all the on board tools. Includes the pet turbo brush tool which is designed for upholstery so great for in the car too. The vacuum has a handy indicator system to let you know when the filters including a HEPA (dust and allergens) and carbon filter (odour control) needs some attention. Great suction – just keep those filters maintained. Features the Hoover patented Wind Technology system so no loss of suction! Easy to empty and bagless so save on costs. Standard brush roll control to allow easy transition from carpet to hard floors. Is the Hoover Windtunnel the best vacuums cleaner for pet hair?

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2. Hoover Linx (BH50010)

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010
The Linx is the only cordless and bagless stick vacuum to feature Hoover WindTunnel technology and the cyclonic filtration system. Lightweight at only 10lb so lighter than the Wind-Tunnel above. Features an auto height adjust when transitioning over different floor heights, but you need to turn the brushes off manually. An exceptional feature is the extreme recline allowing for access to those hard to reach areas e.g. under the sofa. Great cleaning is assisted by the edge bristles along the base. The battery gauge lets you know when it is time for a recharge. The canister has an easy to empty bottom opening design for disposal direct to the trash can with minimal mess. Caution: Do not store the battery in the charger! Is the Hoover Linx the best pet hair vacuum?

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3. Shark Navigator (NV356E)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away ProfessionalThe Lift Away model is relatively light at around 14lb and manufacturers claims it never loses suction. The vacuum is easy to manoeuvre, but there are some reports that it can fall over when using the extension tools. Should not be a problem if you remove the lift away canister though and use as directed. Vacuum is anti-allergen with a 99.99% effective HEPA filter trapping allergens and dust inside. For maximum suction and cleaning manufacturer recommends cleaning filters every 3 months and emptying the dust cup after each use. Really easy to manoeuvre due to the swivel steering. You can opt to choose the version with the additional tool that uses a microfibre pad for really effective cleaning of hard floors. Is the Navigator the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

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4. Eureka Mighty Mite (3670G)

Eureka Mighty Mite

Lightweight little vacuum at less than 9lb so easy to carry to where it is to be used. Great for cleaning the car has lots of tools for getting in to all the hard to reach places. Extension hose for high areas with brush attachment for blinds for example. The hose can be attached to the blower port – great for cleaning leaves out of the garage! Cleans bare floors well with a separate attachment for that purpose. The powerful little vacuum that is very efficient at cleaning including pet hair, but there is no HEPA filter. Is this Eureka the best vac cleaner for pet hair?


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5. Eureka Mighty Mite (3684F)

Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover,3684FBig difference between this Mighty Mite Pet Lover version and the Mighty Mite (3670G) is that the pet lover has a HEPA filter and an odor control feature. The filter can remove 99.7% of dust and dander helping to reduce exposure to allergens. Same weight as the other Mighty Mite at only 8.6lb. This model is not bagless so requires you purchase disposable replacement bags. Does have an attachment specifically designed for pet hair removal. Is this Eureka the best vac for pet hair?

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6. Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Bagged Upright UH30310

The Hoover T-Series Wind-tunnel pet bagged upright vacuumThe WindTunnel technology in this vacuum is P.A.W.S Pet approved. The WindTunnel technology is efficient at removing embedded dirt whilst minimising blowback and debris scatter. An essential feature for a pet vacuum is a HEPA filter to remove 99.9% of allergens including pet dander and pollen. The UH30310 also has a carbon filter which is useful for reducing pet odours. This model does use bags rather than a bagless canister, but it is a clean bag system to eliminate exposure to the dust and debris. The 30 power cord and 12 foot stretchy hose allow to reach all over your home with minimal unplugging. One of the many included tools is a designated pet hair upholstery tool which has rubber wipers just perfect for getting that stubborn pet hair off upholstery.
Is this the best pet hair vacuum ?

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7. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum UH70931PC


Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum UH70931PCThe Hoover WindTunnel 3 has 3 suction channels rather than just one for no loss of suction even if one channel should become blocked. This WindTunnel model is similar to the UH30310 in that it has a carbon/HEPA media filter. The HEPA filter removes allergens down to 0.3 microns and the carbon acts to reduce odours. ‘Pro Pet’ in the model description refers to the great ‘pet tool pack’ included with this design. Specifically the pet turbo tool to lift pet hair from furniture and stairs and the pet upholstery tool for furniture and other soft furnishings. The power cord is 27 feet long (3 feet shorter than the UH30310) and the hose is also 2 foot shorter at only 10 foot long, so not as flexible with reach. This version is bagless if you prefer that over having to buy disposable bags.
Or is this the best pet hair vacuum ?


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8. Eureka AS2130A As One Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum


Eureka AS2130A As One Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum3The Eureka uses air speed technology which moves more air faster through the carpet for a superior deep clean. The filters are easily removed for washing so require replacing less frequently. Regular maintenance of washable filters will ensure no loss of suction and a better clean. A 29 foot power cord is one of the longest among vacuums allowing for more efficient cleaning with not having to unplug and move as frequently. The additional pet feature for this vacuum is the ‘pet power tool’ which has rubber teeth for grabbing those pet hairs from carpets and upholstery; just remember to switch the suction control to tools for direct suction.
Or is this the best vac for pet hair?

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9. iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for PetsNo time to vacuum? Let the iRobot Roomba clean your home while you are out! With the option for up to 7 pre-sets per week you can let the 3 stage cleaning system do all the hard work for you. The side brushes clean dirt off wall edges, the counter-rotating brushes easily pick up pet hair, dust, debris and dirt.The efficient vacuum then sucks the dirt and hair off the brushes into the onboard waste bin. Best feature is the acoustic sensor which will actively seek out the dirtier areas in your home. While the Roomba will avoid falling of drops or downstairs it cannot actually be used to clean stairs. Or is this the best pet hair vacuum cleaner ?

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10. Hoover Wind-Tunnel Bagless Upright UH70210

Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright UH70210


Wind-Tunnel cyclonic tunnel suction for no loss of suction and continuous cleaning power. Bagless, so easy to clean with washable filters. HEPA filter and washable filter for allergy reduction. Regular filter maintenance will improve efficiency of cleaning and the filter check indicator makes this easy to do. A 27 foot retractable cord for easy access throughout your home. This model is supplied with an air-powered hand tool for pet hair removal from upholstery, furniture and stairs. Or is this the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

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Final Words

Product 1-5 : The Eureka Mighty Mite has lots of tools but no HEPA filter and is the cheapest of these five models. For a low price, but efficient pet vacuum definitely consider the Eureka Pet Lover version as it has HEPA filter, pet tools and odor control but it’s not bagless. The two Hoover models have great features especially the WindTunnel technology for no loss of suction, good filters and height adjustment for multi-surface cleaning and a great range of tools. However, the cordless one requires reliable battery care and the Hoover Pet model is heavy at 17.8lb. The Shark Navigator is lighter (only 14lb) than the pet version of the Hoover, easier to manoeuvre and also never loses suction with correct filter maintenance. The Shark is the highest priced of these five models (more if you get the microfibre option). The Shark Navigator is the Number One best-selling upright vacuum cleaner on Amazon and with over 5000 customer reviews (73% of them gave a 5 star rating) there are certainly some happy customers out there! Based on my research and the information in this article I would have to agree that the Shark Navigator is the best vacuum for pet hair with the Hoover WindTunnel a close second.

Product 6-10: The Hoover models all have WindTunnel technology which is great for powerful suction. Great for dealing with pet dander and allergies is the inclusion of HEPA filters with the Hoover models. The Roomba and Eureka do not have HEPA filters. The Roomba is no good for removing pet hair on stairs. Other than the Roomba the other four vacuums features above all have a flexible hose for reaching above floors and cleaning hard to reach areas. Tools are all included on the four upright vacuums to assist with removing pet hair from upholstery and furniture. The WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet has pet tools and a HEPA filter, and has the best suction with three separate channels, and to be the best vacuum for pet hair, strong suction is an essential feature.


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