Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Buying & Choosing Guideline

People love the luxurious look of hardwood floors at home. For this reason people think that how to care properly. So People are finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors to clean it. You are not different like that.You are looking for the best vacuum for hardwood floors ensure your floor proper cleanliness. Today we’ll introduce and give you guideline to choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Thinking before choosing best vacuum for hardwood floors

Vacuum for hardwood floors has lots of different types and styles in the market. So you can choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors for you. Some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing-

  • Are you finding for a full sized machine or a vacuum that you can conveniently carry all around your house floor?
  • Are you finding for something that’s more robotic as like robotic vacuum cleaner?

What about a backpack vacuum?

  • Do you need a more powerful canister vacuum that’s versatile or a-light stick vacuum for smaller surface areas?
  • Do you want a pet vacuum specifically designed for cleaning tough pet messes or will an expected one do just fine?
  • Do you would like one that’s bag less or comes with a disposable bag?


Why should we select best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors?

Obviously there are two reasons why you would use a best vacuum for hardwood floor to wash your hardwood floor.

  • Usual broom cannot clean effectively to give you a proper cleaning where as a vacuum cleaner gives you the optimized effect of cleanup. The second reason is the actual vacuums crevice resources may achieve in order to locations, in which the broom can’t achieve.
  • Additionally, because hard wood ground vacuum cleaner is actually specifically created, it doesn’t trigger any kind of harm to the top of the ground, in contrast to the standard broom or even additional traditional vacuums. Therefore, your hardwood floor remains clean always and its value is preserved to last long.

How To Buy The Best Vacuum For You

There is lots of the best vacuum for hardwood floors in the market. It’s really more difficult to find out how to buy the right one. We are trying to give you some tips in order to help you make the right choice in buying a best vacuum for hardwood floors-


·         Avoid Beater Brushes

If you look at the head of the best vacuum for hardwood floors, the beater brush is that the thick bristled rotating cylinder located there. This will tear up the surface of your hardwood floor. This suggests this must be ignored at all costs otherwise you’ll expect ruin your floor.

·         Lightweight

Lightweight vacuums are usually better to control at home since necessary, yet this is simply not the sole purpose that you need to choose a lightweight. Any more substantial, total dimensions hover probably will abandon scuff marks alongside the flooring, as a result of fat around the added wheels because it sheets about the flooring.

·         Sweep and Deep Cleaning Features

Some models have each a mop and sweep feature that may each sweep up your floor and mop it right when. This will flip cleansing that’s typically an extended, ballroom dance method into one straightforward method. Some even have drying options that ensure no puddles are a unit left behind. These left behind puddles will warp and otherwise harm your wood flooring.

·         Suction

Possibly being among the most crucial things to consider could be the thought regarding strength. The harder potent the particular suction, the more it could grab one of the most obstinate regarding dirt, which includes the family pet head of hair and also airborne dirt and dust. You should be certain there’s nothing put aside to get clean flooring.

·         Upright or Canister

This particular thing to consider is really a preferential point, because they each possess their own talents as well as weak points. The container vacuum cleaner may ease obtained right here furnishings as well as works much better upon steps, in addition to as being a light-weight choice. Complete size uprights are often weightier but additionally possess lots of capacity to all of them. There is the possibility of the stay vacuum cleaner, the industry light-weight choice for individuals who like the erect, however would like the actual flexibility of the container.

·         Bag less/Bagged

This really is an additional mainly preferential option you’ll have to help to make. Many people such as the easy simply draining away the dirt mug as well as cleansing this away. Nevertheless, dirt mugs usually maintain a little less associated with grime as well as particles compared to bagged choices. Bagged choices aren’t usually perfect because occasionally it’s really an untidy task changing all of them. Also, they are pricey into buy extra totes.

·         Height Adjustment Options

This can regulate the vacuum to be used on carpet and clean floor depending on which surface you would like to use it on. Some vacuums for hardwood floors have the ability to perform this action on its own. This performs suggests that it’s a flexible the best vacuum for hardwood floors that you simply can get your money’s importance out of.

Advantage for using best Vacuum for hardwood floors

A hardwood vacuum cleaner is a more useful tool in part of your cleaning equipment. Some benefits for using this best vacuum for hardwood floors:

·        Powerful and strong
·        Can use on multiple surfaces
·        Help you to preserve the wood floor
·        Help to avoid any allergies
·        Extend your floor life
·        Simple, easy and fast!


Buying the best vacuum for hardwood floors always want to satisfy certain specific requirements than simply floor fleshing. This criterion must be a decisive factor while selecting your vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.  You should be specific about the features of the best hardwood vacuum cleaner. Unless those things meet with your want, parching a vacuum becomes a waste of your money, energy and time. This opinion uses separate research and enquirer intended for expert judgment in addition to purchase one who almost all meets your needs are.


Editors Choice: Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


In this article I will review not one but five vacuums all claiming to be the best vacuum for hardwood floors! This summary of features, pros, cons and reviews from customers will help you with your buying decision to assist with choosing the best hardwood floor vacuum. The main feature to look out for is a vacuum that does not damage the floor and can cope well with large areas. Suction, cleaning ability and any extra features will all be taken into account.


Miele S2121 Olympus


This Miele model is the canister version and lightweight at only 13lb (less than 6kg). With German manufacturing Miele S2121 Olympusyou are assured of quality and great design so well worth the extra few dollars for reliability. Quickly and easily changes from soft to hard floors with the aid of a toggle switch. This vacuum for hardwood floors has a collection bag so will need to be emptied when full (one customer claimed to have vacuumed 8000 square feet before having to replace the relatively small bag). Accessories include a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool – all 3 clip onto the vacuum so right there when you need them. No actual HEPA filtration system but the bag does seal in all debris when removed. Most expensive model of these five at just over $300.


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Hoover Commercial Backpack C2401


Now this is innovation! To protect your hardwood floors from damage by traditional vacuum wheels use a backpack Hoover Commercial Backpack C2401vacuum. The unit is lightweight at only 9.2lb (4.2kg) about the size of a large baby – I know I had a 4.5kg one! The backpack itself has been approved by chiropractors for a design which reduces fatigue and the risk of back and shoulder strain. Just make sure you use the waist and chest straps for maximum comfort. A HEPA filter allows for removal of allergens such as dustmites and pollen 0.3 microns or smaller. The canister collects debris in a shake out cloth bag or you can buy disposal ones. Accessories include crevice tool for those hard to clean areas, wide 11′ turbo floor tool plus additional tools for upholstery and dusting. As nothing touches the floor when in use then this could be a superior vacuum for hardwood floors.


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Hoover Cyclonic Stick SH20030
Hoover Cyclonic Stick SH20030

This stick vacuum from Hoover is the cheapest option in this review of the best vacuum for hardwood floors. It transitions well between carpeted and hard floors. Although some reviewers claim it isn’t that good on the thick pile carpet but copes well with thinner carpet and area rugs. It is easy to manoeuvre around furniture and has good reach under with its extreme recline handle. The edge cleaning bristles combine with a wider mouth for a good area clean. It is lightweight similar to the Hoover model above at just 9.3lb. Note: no accessories.


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Bissell Hardfloor Expert 1161


Hardfloor expert in the title would suggest that this vacuum is the best vacuum for hardwood floorBISSELL Hard Floor Expert Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1154s. With its rubber feet covered in felt it will certainly minimise the risk of any scratches or scuffs to your hardwood floors. Combined with the super soft bristles you get a powerful but delicate cleaning action. You receive two head attachments: one dedicated to hardwood floors and the second which copes well with carpet and hard floors. Telescopic wand for hard to reach areas. The vacuum has an easy to empty, a bottom opening waste tank which can easily be rinsed out. Note: no HEPA filter.


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Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub FH40010B


I really like that this vacuum not only gently vacuums your hardwood floors, but will also wash and dry them. It is the heaviest of the 5 models at 16.5lbs (7.5kg) but is easy to move around and handle folds down for storage. The dual water tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate (no recycling during use putting dirty water back on the floor). The gentle, rotating brushes deep clean without damaging your hardwood floor. This vacuum is a definite contender for best hardwood floor vacuum as it leaves them dry enough to walk on in just a few minutes. Priced at around $170 it is great buying for an all-in-one vacuum cleaner/wash and dry system. No more mops!



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All of the featured vacuums have positive and negative features that enable them to be considered for the best vacuum for hardwood floors award. I love the backpack idea for no risk of floor damage, portability and range of tools but is in the higher price range at over $250. For a really large area I am tempted by the novelty of the Hoover backpack. The Bissell has a dedicated hardwood floor head but no HEPA filter. Therefore, I have to state that my recommendation for the best vacuum for hardwood floors would have to be the Hoover Floormate SpinScrub FH40010B as it offers superior treatment for your hardwood floors by not only vacuuming up dirt into the bagless chamber but it will also wash and dry the floor as well!