Best Vacuum for Dog Hair – What to Consider When Buying

Short or curly hair, all dogs shed and leave their hair around your home, on your clothes and in your car! Maybe your current vacuum cleaner has finally given up after years of hard work keeping your home dog hair free. You have stumbled across this article because you are in need of the best vacuum for dog hair. There are a number of different manufacturers of vacuums and they will ALL claim that their LATEST model is THE best vacuum for dog hair. How do you decide which one will be the right vacuum for you? What exactly is a Pet Turbo Brush anyway? Do you really have to spend $400 to $500 on a Dyson to get the best suction and a pet hair removal system?

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Read on for an honest discussion of the essential features, broken down in to easy to read paragraphs. Remember to look for those important to you when reviewing possible options for your new vacuum.
– Hair removal
– Suction
– Filters
– Multiple surfaces
– Bag or no bags
Hair Removal
If you have dogs, then you need an efficient hair removal system because they all shed to some degree. You need to be able to get hair off furniture, off hard and carpeted floors, out of deep pile area rugs, off carpeted stairs, off your car seats or trunk carpet. Did you know that Dyson actually have a tool called the ‘pet groom tool’ which allows you to suck the loose hair directly off your dog before it even gets to the carpet or sofa? Quite a number of vacuums aimed at pet owners will have a special tool or attachment designed specifically for pet hair removal. They often have fancy sounding names like “pet hair turbo tool” or “air-powered turbo brush”. Read customer reviews to determine whether these tools are actually as good as they say they are or are simply another attachment you will have to take to pieces to untangle all the hairs from the roller and brushes. The tool will either be rubberized to scrape hair off the upholstery or carpeted stairs or have bristles designed to attract hair. What you need though is good suction that actually takes the hair off the brush or rubber rather than you having to scrape it or clean it manually.

Pet hair can have an almost Velcro like tendency towards carpet and upholstery. It can take some serious suction to break that bond between hair and fabric. Some hair almost seems to wrap itself around the carpet fibers especially if you have a luxurious deep pile carpet! Bagless vacuums have great suction as long as you keep up with the maintenance of the filters. Many will claim no loss of suction ever! Handheld portable or cordless vacuums often have less power than other vacuums or their suction capability decreases with a low battery. You may have to wait 15 hours to charge the vacuum for 20 minutes of use! A corded lightweight vacuum is a good option, just make sure you choose one with at least 20 foot of cord. Portable vacuums are handy for quick cleanups though and many have specialized pet hair nozzles or rubber blades.

HEPA filters are not standard on all vacuum models. A good quality filter will limit allergen exposure in your home environment by attracting dust-mites, dander and pollen into the filter and keeping it in the vacuum for disposal. Some filters can be washed whilst others you have to buy replacements. When looking at vacuums look at the initial cost versus the ongoing replacement costs of consumable parts. Carbon filters or layers are often found in models claiming to be the best vacuum for dog hair and pets as they work to remove odors whilst vacuuming. Look for a model with indicator lights to let you know when a filter needs attention. You may not be a heavy user and changing the filters every 3 months just because is a waste of time and money.

Multiple surfaces
Not all vacuums are suitable for all surfaces. If you need to remove dog hair from your bed then a 23lb heavy duty upright vacuum cleaner is probably not the machine for you. However, a lightweight but powerful handheld model could be ideal for those quick cleanups. Portable models work great for in the car as well. If cordless you won’t even need to worry about having to park near a power outlet or run a 50 foot extension cable out through your apartment window either. Does your home have hard floors, carpeted stairs, deep pile carpet, scatter rugs or tiles? Make sure you find out as much as you can about the suitability of the vacuum model for switching easily between different floor surfaces. Some have up to 5 different heights for carpet – that’s pretty comprehensive. How easy is it to switch modes? Do you have to change heads or just flick a switch? Switching from hard floor to carpet is another useful feature if you have different surface types in your home and most of us have hard floors in kitchen areas where pets are often fed. You will need a vacuum equally at home picking up dog biscuit crumbs as hair out of deep pile rugs.

Bagless or Disposable bags
Canister or bag less vacuums require disposal directly into the trash. Usually canisters are bottom opening to make this easier. Canisters can be washed out and air dried before next use. Some models use washable bags – check reviews to see how easy it actually is to wash dog hair out of these. Disposable bags are a quick and easy way to dispose of waste. Consider the cost of replacement bags though and how biodegradable they are in landfill.

You now have a list of features to look out for and others to avoid. You don’t necessarily need to spend 500’s of dollars! to get the best vacuum for pet hair but a ‘turbo brush tool’ or a ‘grooming tool’ do sound rather tempting though don’t they!..

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